What is LiFi?


This paper attempts to clarify the difference between visible light communication (VLC) and light-fidelity (LiFi). In particular, it will show how LiFi takes VLC further by using light emitting diodes (LEDs) to realise fully networked wireless systems. Synergies are harnessed as luminaries become LiFi attocells resulting in enhanced wireless capacity providing the necessary connectivity to realise the Internet-of-Things, and contributing to the key performance indicators for the fifth generation of cellular systems (5G) and beyond. It covers all of the key research areas from LiFi components to hybrid LiFi/wireless fidelity networks to illustrate that LiFi attocells are not a theoretical concept any more, but at the point of real-world deployment.

Full paper can be downloaded here

LiFi building blocks
Essential LiFi building blocks: Visible Light Communication (VLC) requires a subset of the building blocks and forms the inner core [click image to enlarge].