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How Li-Fi is different from RF wireless

Based on Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetics, the light and radio propagation follow the same rules of physics. However, the optical waves have significantly smaller wavelength compared to radio waves. This is particularly important when an approximation of Maxwell’s theory is required.

Edinburgh Balmoral Clock Tower

Optical Wireless Communication: The rebirth of an ancient technology

When you pack a survival kit for disaster and emergency situations, what kind of tools would you include? I bet flashlight is one of them. Besides its obvious use, a flashlight can be toggled on and off to send Morse coded signals for requesting help and rescue.


Energy Efficient Li Fi

We have developed a new algorithm that avoids the typical 50% spectral efficiency loss in visible light communications when the LED is driven close to the turn-on voltage. This is an important breakthrough because the new algorithm enables energy-efficient Li-Fi links and dimming close zero.

PhD Projects

I have announced a number of new PhD projects under Vacancies.

Latest JLT Paper

Complete Modeling of Nonlinear Distortion in OFDM-based Optical Wireless Communication

IEEE Webinar

I will be giving an IEEE Webinar entitled: "Li-Fi: High Speed Wireless Communications via L


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